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A true survivor, the "Snyder" was renamed and rebuilt a number of times over the next 105 years. Marys Challenger" - the oldest operating commercial steamship of her kind in the world.

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The Music Stand (aka Spreckels Temple of Music) at the west end of the concourse was completed in 1900, and still hosts music performances on Sundays.

Many of the park's historically controversial statues are scattered in and around the concourse area.

The Pool of Enchantment, originally installed in 1917 at the front of the De Young Museum, is now located (post-restoration) on its east side. Originally opening in Golden Gate Park in 1916, the facility later came to include the Steinhart Aquarium (1923), the African Hall (with dioramas), Science Hall, and Morrison Planetarium.

The creek is at flood stage but there's concern it could climb even higher as several days of hot weather pushes more water from melting snowpacks into the creek.

Emergency crews are also installing log booms around the eastern end of the William Bennett Bridge, on the edge of Kelowna's downtown core, to reduce the threat of erosion around the bridge.

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