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I copied the folders of the two games I had installed (BF3 and Crysis 3) from "C:\Program Files\Origin Games" to my desktop, and then I uninstalled Origin.

Ok, so the EA FAQ was absolutely useless so I did some searching and found a thread in that had a quicker way to find a fix than to redownload everything.

This is the second v1.2 patch for the critically acclaimed Crysis.I checked the Task Manager and was supposedly running, but nothing was happening. I copied back both folders and opened Origin once again.I ended the process and tried opening it, to no avail. I downloaded Origin again from the website and tried reinstalling it. I restarted the computer and tried opening Origin again, with no success. I want to avoid re-downloading and re-installing those 2 games because it's 30 or so gigabytes that I'd rather not wait for again. It detected that they were there, did a quick update, and everything seemed fine. Origin won't open, when I click to open it the process is there but I can't open it and I can't play the games that I paid MONEY for.Just downloaded all the Crysis games and have noticed the same issue.Did a update check for Crysis (original) and Origin finds no more updates and is stuck on the deal with origin?

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