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Both Mod Anatole and I have just been busy lately and haven’t really been able to get asks done, but I swear we aren’t dead (although I’m sure by now there are other Anatole and Hélène askblogs that have taken our place)I saw Great Comet two days ago and it was honestly the best thing I have ever experienced.

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" And what does Miley think of her sibling setup success?! It's a good thing, too, because Christina's already attending family functions!

In his online videos, he had also discussed the amount of time when he utilized to operate at the Subway along with his time in Arizona.

That’s why it takes a true half-sibling to understand these seven things: 1.

People feeling the need to ask, “Mom or Dad’s side?

His perfect hair, his great sense of humor, his fantastic singing, everything. He spilled the beans to you after class one day and you didn't tell her because you knew it would hurt her feelings. " You argued worriedly after you explained to him the situation. One day, you and Luke went out to the midnight premier of the new Superman film.

Every day you could come home and talk endlessly about him. Sadly, he didn't really seem to like you back. The special effects were fantastic, the acting was-" "No, not the movie, Luke?

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