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But unless you have had a Road to Damascus moment (in Carr-Gomm’s case, it was a road to Sussex) leading you to the sweaty embrace of naturism, you will likely peruse this book with your shirt and shorts in place.



After the ceremony, the party started with guests flocking to the reception marquee, wonderfully decorated with the Alice in Wonderland theme in mind (teapot balloons, playing cards, paper mache mushrooms, giant paper clocks, blow up flamingos, a black and white tiled dance floor, you name it, it was there! There was also a homemade wood fire pizza oven, jerk chicken, burgers, salads and lots of hummus to keep the wedding party full.

He’s as likely to quote Luscious Jackson as the Bible, and to subject both sources to rather feeble critical probing. The book’s strength lies not in its ability to theorize or offer coherent argument.

Once it moves on from the mystical, the book gains in interest, tackling nude rugby, nude surfing, nude dancing, nude singing, nude protest, nude weddings, etc. For example, Carr-Gomm variously attributes the spike in nudity over the past 50 years to Freud, sunbathing, birth control, as well as “the rise of feminism, modernism, and secularism.” (Why not add Daffy Duck, Bettie Page, and disposable razors?

We really didn’t care if things didn’t go together, it was just meant to be a reflection of the everyday with just a hint of something special.

We shot a vast amount of footage throughout the year leading up to the wedding, edited it into a film and played it after the ceremony on the big screen whilst everyone ate popcorn.

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