Sex master chat bot

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That’s really pathetic and you need to get that shit under control. I’m ready now for you to call me for cock control phone sex.

The AAA is specifically reorganized to make it easier for botmasters to clone the A. You have to leave out that file or completely rewrite it if you want to make a human bot. AIML Version AAA-0.9 released September, 2005 The color code system is designed to help the botmaster select which ALICE AIML content might or might not be appropriate for their own bot content.

Anywhere your sissy self wants to go, your sissy Mistress can take you there.

Just tell your Sissy Mistress what you have in mind, and she can create a wonderful girly fantasy just for you.

The great thing about sissy panties is, you can own 100 pair or more, and each one is unique in how it looks and feels, and makes YOU feel.

Some gurls who consider themselves sissies reserve their panties for special occasions.

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