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Mon to Thurs: -, Sat: - Confidential means that we will not provide any information that you share with us to anyone outside of our organization. However, there are a few exceptions in which we must breach confidentiality if we have identifying information.These situations include: Note: Confidentiality can only be broken during the above situations if you give us identifying information like your name, address, school, phone number, or in some instances your email address."There are definitely child predators that get away,” he says.It raises an unanswered question of the digital age: how do we balance protecting personal privacy with the ability of police to investigate crime?

DB: Love the sound of that cotton just *** *** getting more*** and your *** all nice *** ***. Okay, it's not quite Robert Browning telling Elizabeth Barrett Browning she is a "gorgeous bird" united in "the beauties of form, plumage, and song." But the infamous text messages allegedly exchanged between David Beckham and his scorned assistant, Rebecca Loos, are proof that whether you give us a quill or a keypad, we're going to use it to try to get laid.

As a Luddite e-mailer, I find text messaging a bit tiresome.

It's hard to build passion when it takes you 10 minutes to peck out "U R hot" on a cellphone keypad.

Nudie pictures helped cameras catch on; porn got a start in film and went on to make video and then the Internet huge.

Chat rooms are full of dirty talk and spicy e-mail has launched many an on-line affair.

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