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Welcome to the Washington Post Style section comics discussion, hosted by Comics page editor Suzanne Tobin. Also one of the identical twins looks suspiciously like me... Do you ever get told you CAN'T say or draw certain things?This week, Tobin welcomes cartoonist Nick Galifianakis, who draws the illustrations accompanying Carolyn Hax's "Tell Me About It" column. Charlotte again: "Her name is Zuzu and I love her completely." You just made me cry!Thinkers and artists from Plato to Howard Jones have explored the question of what 'love' is. ' question on the celebrity search engine Google in 2012. In between creating a planet-shaping legacy of culture and ideas, they found time to be constantly gripped by profound but varied feelings of physical and/or non-physical affection, expressed through a range of different terms for different manifestations of the Big L.Despite our 21st-century science and technology, we appear to have come no nearer than the Greeks did to nailing down a conclusive, one-size-fits-all answer to that old romantic chestnut. (The expected front-runners for the equivalent 2015 title are, reportedly, 'What is Schtumplefludgering, and why has Miley Cyrus started doing it? Perhaps the depth and complexity of their understanding of love was due in part to their worshipping of a selection of eternally, irrepressibly horny deities. But love wasn’t always defined by overpriced set menus and cheap flowers, you know.

One sorority member at the University of Georgia believes it’s time to speak out against the hazing and prejudices in Greek life, and she’s not surprised to be the only one willing to talk about it.“I think a lot of people are aware of the stereotypes, per say,” she said, “but once they’re in it you realize it’s not a stereotype — it’s true.” Hazy situation The Zeta Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., made headlines after an instance of hazing was brought to police attention in February.

“Whereas you have these other guys in non-IFC who, they punched somebody and their lives are ruined.

I just don’t appreciate how it’s always pushed under the rug by our Greek Life advisers.”While Kappa Alpha Psi’s hazing is the most recent incident garnering media attention, other groups have faced suspension or punishment in past years.

The personal lives of the Greek gods and goddesses would have melted The Daily Mail Moral Compass™, while simultaneously keeping their Sidebar of Shame amply stocked with scurrilous pseudo-stories about the immortal hunks and babes of Olympus getting up to all kinds of crotchal naughtinesses with all kinds of people/things/animals/other gods and goddesses.

Furthermore, The Iliad, the smash-hit page-turner that catapulted celeb epic poet Homer to the top of the Ancient A-list and laid the foundations of European literature, told of a war provoked by a young man who was unable to keep his dronglerod in his trousers, and an unfeasibly attractive married woman who sacrificed a solid husband and a perfectly acceptable job as Queen of Sparta for a cheeky bit of nookying around with a younger lover.

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