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If you’re like most people, it’s most likely because you’re hoping to never have to date again — which means you find someone special to settle down with and be a committed, loving couple and perhaps even wed. candidate in comparative literature at Yale University who explores the history of dating in the new book The history of dating is a lot more interesting and complicated than I ever imagined, and her book is especially illuminating when it explores how the process of finding love has turned singles into commodities in order to sell themselves to potential mates.What other purpose would there be to going through all the time, energy and expense that dating requires? I spoke with Weigel right before I went to see , a quirky, dark new comedy that’s a deliciously scathing examination of the societal pressure to couple and the stigmatization of singles.

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Still, it would be interesting to know how some affairs start. It’s just interesting to see how some people never saw it coming (but I’ll bet if their spouse knew what they were doing, he or she would! OK, the study was really limited, just three people — this is not comprehensive.That’s just a taste of the provocative questions the movie raises.In the movie’s future world, being coupled is the most important thing; couples get to live in the city, they get to shop at the malls, they have it all.” and nodding my head in agreement because of self-help books) and sorting through the inevitable messy emotions I was feeling while also weighing the co-parenting, financial and everyday realities of divorcing with kids without crumbling under the shame and judgment that basically well-meaning people thrust upon me.Their book presents the false cultural assumptions about divorce as Sacred Cows, illustrated as, well, cows, and if you have been divorced or are contemplating it, you have likely heard what the cows spew as “truth”: asks you to question your assumptions about marriage; the Tellers ask you to question your assumptions about divorce.

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